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Originally Posted by Khyridan View Post
Is there a chance to find a mod that allows saber staff and dual sabers to use all of the moves in their single-blade forms? (cartwheels, katas and so on). In other words is there a mod able to erase the limitations that dual sabers and saber staff impose over their corresponding singlebladestyles? if yes, where could I find it?

If such mod doesn't exist, is there someone good hearted that could do it for me? I'd really like to do it myself but I'm not familiar with this code and, sadly, I have too little time for it...

Thank you in advance

i dont believe what youre asking for is possible.

im guessing what you mean is that you want, for example, to be able to use the force to spin your single lightsaber around you, when you have dual sabers enabled but only one of them is active? or if you have a saber staff but only one side of it is open, you want to be able to perform the staff kata?

im not sure thats possible, but what IS possible is a simple animation change that would allow you to use dual saber animations when you only have a single saber enabled. for example, when you only have a single saber, the animation change would allow your kata to throw the saber and have it spin around you, like the dual kata.

the thing is, you would have to choose one or the other: staff or dual. that way, if you changed the single saber kata to a staff kata animation, then whenever you have dual sabers and you "put one away" so youre only using a single saber, you would perform staff katas with that single saber.

i dont believe its possible to do what youre asking, because that would require changing the single saber animations to dual for dual sabers, and to staff for saber staffs. what is possible is changing the single saber animations to one or the other.

the most i could do in the way of a mod is make two separate pk3s for you, one of them changing single saber animations to staff animations, and the other changing single saber animation to dual animations. you would have to pick one at a time to use though, they wouldnt work together.

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