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actually I expressed myself really bad, sorry for the confusion, I reformulate my sentences:
when I use the saber staff and switch off one blades I automatically use single blade medium/yellow style. On the other hand, when I have dual sabers and switch one of them off I automatically use single blade fast/blue style. All of this is fine with me, I don’t want to use staff style or dual style on a single blade! My only problem is that the medium/yellow style resulting from turning of one of the staff’s blades and the fast/blue style resulting from turning of one of the two sabers lack of katas, cartwheels and special moves.
For example, if you use yellow style with a single saber you get to perform a nice kata hoding attack1+attack2 or you get to perform a cartwheel pushing jump+left+attack1, on the other hand, the same yellow style, when applied on the staff with one of the blades off doesn’t give you the chance to perform anything of it.
In other words, both the yellow style on the staff and blue style on the dual sabers haven't their special moves enabled, I think that the solution of the problem is inside the .dll files: “jamp6gamex86.dll”, “cgamex86.dll” and “uix86.dll”. I think so because I found a mod that alters the styles of the single saber, this mod allows the player that chooses the single saber to cycle through 5 different styles, namely: fast, tavion, medium, dessan and strong styles.
This particular mod had, inside the .pk3 file its own .dll files so I realized that the configuration of the different styles and the moves that are enabled must be inside these files that I can’t access. I think that the description and the coding of each style is inside the .dll files and there you can find the option to enable all of the moves that are missing from the medium style once it’s applied as secondary style on a staff.
Thank you again for listening to me
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