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hmm, well i dont know much about editing .dll files, sorry. but i do know that its possible to make
Originally Posted by Khyridan View Post
"a mod that alters the styles of the single saber, this mod allows the player that chooses the single saber to cycle through 5 different styles, namely: fast, tavion, medium, dessan and strong styles"
just by editing the .sab files in the assets.

so if thats possible, im sure there are simple ways of modifying the assets to get the effect you want. i, however, do not know how exactly to do what youre asking.
if it DOES require a change to the .dll, i cant help you, sorry. if it requires a code change, it wont be possible for singleplayer, because we only have the multiplayer source code.

sorry i couldnt be of more help, but there are a lot of knowledgable people on these forums who know a lot more than i do. im sure someone will help you out.

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