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wow cool M that does sound a lot like what we saw from the development files and early textures and pictures we found buried in the KoTOR files.... a seedy industrial planet with battling Hutt clans, they had arenas they did gladiator type combat in....

ah, i dropped just a few of the quests at the very end of my first time in Taris, not a lot.

I found bonus missoins right away in Nar Shaddaa, just finished two. wow, that is expensive for the speeder lisence I get my speeder itself for free well sort of free, i bought the Collectors Edition so i get a speeder with that as part of the bonus content.

I just made Level 24 and they closed down for maintnenace, i will grab some sleep and then start up again at 4AM when they restart.... and am enjoying Nar Shadda a lot, love the colours and atmosphere.

and you guys can call me Cris if you want... the CrisG was just my early avatar name did not know whatelse to use as when i picked it i was new to the Net

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