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re Bioware, and player comments, i have studied Bioware and their games for over a decade now, and some in great depth, and they are one of the very best if not among the VERY best Game developers yet in CGI game development. They have developed some fantastic titles with great depth, amazing style and quality and their staff of writers, coders and the design teams are at the very top of the heap. They also seem quite wiling to tolerate a lot from the fans and to deal with the comments and complaints very well, I have been very impressed with the QC and the depth and speed of support, and have hit only one bug so far in the game, one dialog conversation that i had to reboot to get to run, mostly due to some particle effects that were implimented on a vehicle close to the NPC in question ...but over all, BW is one fantastic company and this is one of their greatest successes. I have looked at a LOT of MMOs and they have taken a lot of the standards and pushed them higher, and created one fantastic 3D world to run it all in. Top marks all around..and i am really enjoying all of this. Being an admin myself and dealing with public and industry comments from both sides, it is indeed amazing what some people feel and say, but as others have said, it comes with the territory.

I think both Jedi, and Sith Masters AND forum and company mods have to have nerves of steel and other organs equally strong A big heart helps too, for the bottom line is having fun and enjoying it all.

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