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I have a security key, but I don't use the vendor much. I got a TOR phishing e-mail to my hotmail back in January, and got the security token just to be safe. I think the only thing I've bought from them is the droid that plays music. But there are also Companion Customization Kits that can't be gotten anywhere else. Aric Jorgan got a new one in 1.2, it makes him look blue!

Also, the Rep dancer outfit looks far better than the Imp one. The Imp one is just multicolored and peacocky and weird.

The security token is cheap, so I say get it just to be on the safe side. Going by WoW's experience with the security authenticator, it should make your account basically hackproof. Even with your account name and/or password, the token means they can't get in.

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