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I am very positive that whatever Lucas's intention of the Unreal Engine is to appeal to our kind of audience again.

Lucas went through many transitions in the past years. Since the release of critic-successful Star Wars games (Jedi Outcast, KOTOR, Republic Commando), president of LA has been changed multiple times, key people left, employees firing and as well as new faces joining. During of this chaos in the company management, we seen Lucas putting all of their focus to produce games to appeal to the so called "masses". True that TFU 1 cashed a lot of money but that did not mean the game was complete success. Original Lucas audience did not love it, and critics gave it slightly above average score. However, Lucas did not understand this and thought "well, it cashed the first time, why not the second?" and then we all know how horrible TFU2 got in the press.

Now we see Lucas crawling slowly back to what they were best at. It began with the return of Monkey Island (3 Monkey Island games!) and giving The Old Republic back to BioWare and we see it now as MMO (I hoped for an RPG but hey, maybe they will make one after the fanbase expand!).

So that is why I am positive that the licenses of Unreal Engine means they are making a game (or more?) between those three titles: Battlefront, Jedi Knight and Republic Commando.

Unfortunately, Jedi Knight is a tricky series to continue. It is risky because the series is unknown to the current market (no guarantee that it will sell high) specially that JK follows a classical fps gameplay approach. If you all remember, the 90s fps games had a kind of "sense of exploring". You always get stuck at least three times in a level and you try to think out-of-the-box to get to another stage. You have a lot of moments where the player is alone and the environment is too quite and suddenly you find yourself going inside sewers, jumping from roof to roof, messin around inside a spaceship engine room. Now all current games aren't like that. People of this generation are mostly in "cover and shoot" or fast slashing action. The only series I can think of that is still to its root is Half-Life and Valve still did not announce anything about Ep.3.

My bottomline is: I just hope Lucas makes the right direction for us, JK audience. I hope they modernize the series so it attract more fans but as well as it stays to its origins to satisfy us.

sorry for the long post but I just wanted to express my feeling on all of this .
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