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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
There was one moment a day after the emergency patch came out where I started experiencing insanely high pings, like around 2000ms+ but that was only for that one time and ever since I haven't gotten it.

Another member here has been getting frequent disconnects for the last week too, but at the time we just assumed it was his Internet acting up again, however since you've posted this thread, maybe it's not his Internet that's doing this.

I've seen a few threads on the customer service forum so a few people are being affected or seem to be. I'm sure they're aware of it so a patch for it will be coming soon... in the meantime, you can do what everyone else does and demand free stuff from BioWare I guess...
I think im going to have to because now it won't even update. I re-installed the game hoping it would help, and it wont download the patch, so i cant even attempt to play it.
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