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Mim thanks again for the hand with the Slavemaster and thanks Lynk for the tips about the Dune Sea and the Holocron quest, i am sorry i did not get to ride in the Baloon with you but when you jumped in i was just watching it to see where it passed by as i was tired and it was after 3:00 AM here and needed to crash soon, but i love the Dune Sea, it is one of the funnest areas yet, esp on the speeder it is a lot of fun to jet about ...i have spent time in real deserts and that really brought back memories. I enjoyed the StarDream quest too, will try some of the other dailies today. And maybe that pit quest, i can try sneaking in

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me waving goodby to Lynk who had jumped INTO the basket ON his speeder

i love the Desert and the DUNE sea, beautifully done...

took me a while to figure out how to get past the Wound and down to the sands...

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