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TOR ate my KotOR
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Well the game does depend heavily on these abilities. Didn't learn a lot about their dependencies and what they did with my smuggler until I got to level 50. Just played the game like I would any other non-MMO and it has really hurt me and my groups at level 50.

Didn't really learn from my mistake and haven't learned the trooper abilities either, since my trooper depends so much on Lynk's Priss (hell if I wanted to use all my abilities with my trooper everything would be dead before I was hitting the third button). Of course without me and my companion healer Priss would be dead all the time too. I really think Elara and Priss have something going on behind Manta's back because Priss gets way more healing than Manta.

My mistakes shown, I do pay attention to all my abilities now with my agent and shadow. With my agent I know to use toxic dart before using Shiv or other blade abilities. I know every way to get Upper Hand as fast as possible with my sawbones now and I know how it affects my other abilities.

You will be surprised just how much better stuff works, when you figure out what makes what work faster and better. I know with my smuggler I was in such a hurry to see the next part of the story that I really didn’t experiment to see what worked best. This attitude cost me dearly. I spent needless hours grinding to get overleveled, made even harder because I only fought Elites or higher if it was a quest, so I was not getting the extra xp for killing higher level NPCs. I finally started figuring it out about Belsavis at level 41. That was when I killed my first Champion. I went through 90% of the game without killing a Champion. Hell my shadow has already killed at least 4 or 5.

Sorry long story short. A little homework now will save you all kinds of time and grief later.

Know this isn’t saying I will not help you, just trying to give you some help in understanding the game. Take my advice or not; I’m still here to help you or anyone else in the guild.

If you decide to respec… the guy is on the fleet in the combat training section. Map at the bottom above the Imperial map.

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