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I really really do appreciate the advice, and listen to it all, and am trying to learn to use technique istead of just brute force, i am learning which abilities to use with which, but there is a lot to remember it will take time. I am up to level 30 if you want to do those bonus missions on Nar Shaada, each level helps me play bettter as it gives me more time to learn in combat, back when i was low level and died fast it was hard to learn. Now it is better and more interseitng., Alderaan is interesting ...a nice world and some interestijng quests. I reallly enjoyed a couple of the quests on Tatooine, the Czerka one with the dig site was a lot of fun as i love archacology and that allien trapped in the machine was spooky...

thanks again to all,...each day is a new step...and i will keep trying. It may be better for me to respecialize if that is possible, i will think about it tomorrow, sleep now.

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