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TOR ate my KotOR
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I wrote yesterday that I knew nothing about my skills as a trooper, last night it was proven. Went on a class mission without Lynk's Priss and died at least 5 times. Wasn't even a boss, just a 2 weaks, 2 turrets and 2 strongs. This was complicated because Elara refused to heal in this room. After a crash course over chat with Lynk and Mav, they told me enough about my skills to make the rest of the mission pretty easy and Elara decide Priss wasn't coming and finally decided to heal Manta...

Lesson learned, even if you don't use the abilities at least know what is available. Fight was pretty easy once Mav told me how to cc one of the strongs for 60 seconds. Never used that because Priss would have everything dead in 60 seconds.

All this was made worse, by Lynk and me being already grouped and him watching me die...over and over again.

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