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question...about a mission on Alderaan, it is the one where you have to chase a spy , nasty green woman with a mean attitude into the castle of thule, well i made it to the throne room with her and the Duke and two guards. You have to kill the two guards and defeat her, but the guards, at least one ofthem appears to be bugged. I killed him three times, ie his life bar ran out all the way three times but he would not die. This makes the mission unwinable. Has anyone else found this happening? just wondered. I am going to go to sleep and see if it is still messed up tomorrow, it was a pain as it took a long time to get down there and now i have to do it all again. Wish there were more save points in this game, it is messed up to have to repeat long sequences over something like this. btw, it was the guard on the left, facing the throne, i decided to focus on one of the three and he was it. I did notice she was easier to defeat as my companion had worked on her and she was over 1/2 defeated by the time i died after beating that guard three times. I guess i can try defeating her first. the scene may be coded to change when that happens.... but the instructions are to kill the guards and to kill her, but they are seperated on seperate lines so maybe you are supposed to kill her first and then them.

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