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yeah you're right...there was alot of her wanting kids, constant talking like she was some kind of prophet (she still does that), ridiculous spending of my money on stupid **** which caused a small amount of debt that i gotta pay back someday, (electricity bill, gas bill, internet, directv), she can't hold a job, never acknowledged anything good i did for her, no appreciation of me, very selfish, tried to mold me into something i'm not (ex. 'you should be a doctor, doctors are so hot') little does she realise how many years of ****ing bull**** school they go through and how little time they get to spend with their families, and how much debt those schools accrue. she has some mental disease where she just doesn't realize how she acts or when she says stuff it just doesn't make any sense at all. I'm sure the college she's going to helped with that, because it got worse when she started going, and the funny thing is i encouraged her to go back to school since she never worked a day before that when i was out working she was home doing who knows what. she got us evicted from the first place we were at together because she got insecurity issues with people, and let her dog roam all over the street, filed a harrassment complaint against the landlord for him making a funny comment about her ****in wig she was wearing. then god forbid i drop the f-bomb or swear at all, holy war broke out and i got those 30-45 minute lectures about it. she'd be taking these ****in prenatal vitamins, oh and when we were looking at rings and ****...she wanted the **** i couldn't afford of course. ;oh you can get a loan and pay it off' yeah right, and pay rent and bills gas and food on top of it how? she has no sense of repaying debts owed, her parents are rich as **** and yeah they helped us out several occasions, but i tried to stop her spending habits which always led to a ****ing fight so i'd be like **** it and give in. i doubt there will be a day where she will look back and remember me and realize how good i was to her. i can't see any other guy tolerating her **** longer than i did. she's also got alot and i mean ALOT of baggage other than the **** i experienced with her, which explains why she is the way she is, and why she will probably never change. i have to set a date where i burn all pictures, letters, etc from her. and now she acts all like 'im so confident and this and that' like she doesnt need me, which i understand, fine, but to just dump me like i meant nothing to her is what i don't understand. but eh whatever, a better, more attractive girl will come along my way and love me for me.

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