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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Yeah, plenty of folks use healers with their DPS. I mean I even went through the entire game with DPS + DPS with my Marauder. There's not really one set strategy to rule them all...
DPS + Healer is my favorite combination. With my healer I went through most of the game with a Tank, but now I pretty much use Risha for dailies. They take about 1/2 the time to do than with the Wookiee. Plus she is geared the best since she can wear my hand me downs.

My Shadow has used the healer companion exclusively since the moment I got him. Don't believe I have died either since getting the healer (if you don't count walking into a pool of Lava on Ord Mantell).

Even with my Trooper, the problem the other night wasn't with my companion. The problem was I did not know my abilities. After a little coaching I made it through no problem and there was technically a harder fight at the end (which it wasn't because I knew what to do thanks to Mav and Lynk). Had I really thought about which companion to use, I still would have used Elara. Not only does it fit my style better, but she is the only one I have geared right, since she is the only one I use.

Only Toon I use DPS and Tank is my Agent, but that is because my Operative can heal a little too and I'm not a big fan of the healer.

@CrisG - Sorry don't know the mission... Is it a class mission? If you can't figure it out before tonight, give me a yell and I will try to help.

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