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Went out to do some shopping for tobacco pipes and via the internets found out a place called "Deaf ear Records" has a "head shop" upstairs. at ground level they have Old vinyl records, cds, and DVDs (includuing disc golf Discs). Teh advertised the have tobacco and pipes in thier Head shop. I went up there and found wall to wall glass display cases for pipes, Hookahs, and such, but none of the pipes were appropriate for Tobacco Smoking. Yea, you know what I mean.

The Clerk there told me that they do not carry anything like that because there is no market for it. But.. there is a specialty shop that sells Cigars, pipe tobacco, and Tobacco pipes two blocks down the street. I kind of looked at him for a second with the thought running through my head that his first statement was invalidated by the second statement. I was thinking he had been using the pipes in the display case far too long to make any good judgement.

So i go to the other store called "The Briar patch" and this is the store to go for expensive high quality cigars and tobacco. basic Briar Pipes were $30. Aromatic tobacco was priced from $5 to $10 an ounce. Had pipe cleaners, and recommended basic wooden matches.

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