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Originally Posted by RogueJedi86 View Post
They had a unified look before 1.2 too, since I crafted each companion in a single set. The same Aim heavy set in the 20s, with the 30s diversifying to favor Power for Elara and Crit for Aric. The crafted sets do have a unified look, so it wasn't a mess of clown armor. Plus no color sync for companions yet.
That's because I get the BEST armour for my characters and companions... not the ones that simply match So naturally their armour matching ends up that way either way.

But it was easy for me because of how I spend what feels like weeks on each world before I leave, giving me an overabundance of resources to make many sets and have some leftover.
My Vanguard is lv50 with Rakata gear and Columi/Tionese gear for the companions, no problem with armour now.

And to address the elephant in the room(for me), I see a lot inside jokes and remarks from y'all. All the references to this Priss person. I play on Space Slug, how about y'all?
Yeah, most of us are on Vornskr and part of the official LFN guilds on there.

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