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thanks m, i have been doing that pretty much, working thru all the quests i can, and adding as much good value equipment to both my self and my companions as i can. I live in a small town in the mountains of colorado with only one T1 line and even tho i have High speed internet, it takes time every time i link in to load up the screen so it is slow.... i do appreciate the help as you have, and keep working hard at what i can do on my own, got many of the extra quests done in Nar Shaddaa last night, and leveled up to 32 which was nice, i still have few missions to finish over in Alderaan, but they are all to do with elites so i will wait until i get ahead a bit more. It seems most of the Guardian quests have elites or high level bosses, I actualy have my eye on a few of the Heroic quests back on tatooine to try to do on my own once i got leveled up a bit to try to get extra points. thanks again.

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