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**** my life......i think there is a girl at work that is interested in me, not sure how to approach that situation without feeling uncomfortable. she is pretty, but not extremely stunning (which could be a good thing i guess i dont know, she's not fat at least). should i initiate small talk or just say **** it and not even bother since i'm going to be gone for a year anyway? maybe i'm just picking up wrong signals. i facebook stalked and found she doesn't have children and she doesn't appear to be in a relationship...

think i'll end up just waiting it out and letting my crush fade away and focus on what makes me happy. after reading a buncha bs online articles how to get over a breakup, and reading forums about it (some people have it worse than me, so tempting to troll the **** out of those forums...)

i discovered why my last relationship did not work out...i focused too much time trying to keep the other person happy, while sacrificing my own happiness and enjoyment in hopes that by making the other person happy, i too would be happy. going to focus on what makes me a better person and what makes me happy, if girls don't want me for me, screw them, they're only missing out.

i texted this one i was interested in just chilling, and no reply at all back, so whatever. made myself a profile on a free match site to see if i'd get any hits, got 2 so far, 1 band lover that lives 2 hours away, and 1 that looks like she's 50 but her profile says 31, not attractive i almost thought it was a guy at first. lol the band lover is cute though, but that's too far of a distance for me.

i'm happy with my present situation...making friends in my unit and finding people that are just like me, i feel like that song 'somewhere i belong' by linkin park came true for me. honestly.

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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