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intro to algebra. credits from it don't transfer. the teacher is awesome. lol

just had a awkwardish ex texted me that she had clothes of mine over there for me to pick up, so i went over and she put them in my car, i didn't say much just thanks, then i got home and went to get the clothes out of my car, there was a piece of lingerie in with it. i got a little pissed off about that, and went to return it and i also had to return a fan and window fan of hers, so took all of them back and she told me to throw the lingerie out or hold onto it. why the **** would she want me to hold onto it? i'm throwing it out. glad i ended up developing a crush on someone else...i dont feel as bad, just more annoyed. i do have to go over with her to her parents' barn where i got a bunch of stuff in storage...huge dvd collection, my sw figures, my hunting bow, books, old army gear. meh.

so close to moving on from her completely....i just don't know what would happen or how i would feel if she turned normal and realized how good i was to her and well, that's a dream...people can't change. and i'm not allowing myself to get hurt by her again.

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