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An Unexpected Assignment

"Destination reached." Corsail Opened his eyes as the ships AI system spoke. "Already? I was hoping I would have enough time to take a quick nap." Corsail had just recently completed a job he recieved from some nobles on Alderaan, he wasn't expecting another job so soon, and certently not so big.

He hadn't taken many assignments directly from the republic, to be honest he didn't really like the republic, but with the amount of credits they were offering he couldn't refuse.

Corsail walked down his ship landing ramp into the Coruscant docking bay, he saw a republic bay worker fixing a computer terminal. Corsail shivered at the thought that he could be living a boring life like that. "I guess everyone doesn't have the luck I have." he said. "Hmm.... Didn't even give me a map to the senate tower."

Corsail saw a republic trooper standing duty. "Hey, can you point me in the direction of the senate tower? Haven't been here to Coruscant much." The trooper turned to look at Corsail. "It's the biggest building around, you can't miss it, Just follow the walk way and you'll see it."

Corsail continued to walk down the walk way. Republic troopers are all the same, each one with the personality of a womprat. "Wow, It really is big." he said outloud. He walked into the nearest elevator and reached the senate tower briefing room. As he walked in he saw the small group sitting at a large meeting table. "Did I miss anything?"

Lets rock and role play!

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