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Kif walked through the corridors of the Senate Tower. Gee, what's caused such a stir?, he wondered as he saw more Republic troopers in the perpendicular corridor. Ah, here we are., he thought as he entered the briefing room.

The first thing he saw was a man in a wide hat.

Hey'a Folks! What's up? Big mess coming up, eh?

A smile crossed his face as he took a seat next to the man.

"Traver, you been chewing spice? You weren't this jolly last time I saw ya."


Varik's mind was a hodge-podge of incomprehensible whispers and thought. All of the different voices...

Aggh!..., he cursed as he slammed his fist into a wall - creating a very noticeable dent in the wall.

The whispers seemingly dimmed to a barely noticeable sound, he strode into the briefing room.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me.", he said, grinning, as he saw his two favorite smugglers in the room. He sat on the other side of Traver.

"I guess big Republic problems have a way of bringing us together. This was the last place I'd expect to see either of you.", he said, grinning.

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