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thanks Mim, and thanks for the help last night with that ship board battle, much appreciate the chance to proceed with my main quest.....

I also appreciate the tips and suggestions, much of that makes sense and fits with what I am already doing, Last night you said at first you were going to hold back and let me do the attacking and then you said that i had attacked too soon....which made me a bit confused..but i will follow these guidelines as they all makes sense. I think one thing i have been doing wrong is getting too close to the enemy when my companion is attacking and thus i get hit by what you call splash effect, i just started thinking about this yesterday as there are three Sith Apprentices I have not been able to kill yet in Nar Shaddaa in the mission called Inspection, and I have been trying to figure out why..and i think it is the splash effect, i will try some other methods...part of the problem is that they are located close to walls or crates and it is hard to get around behind them...i may try to draw them out first....will see. but thanks and i am looking forward to the Guild battle on the weekend. I will, as usual, do my best

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