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Reply to CrisG from the WB thread.

This has nothing to do with WBs.

Don't you have some type of stun now? At least a 1 min one. Stun an enemy and then attack the other as hard and fast as you can, companion should be attacking the same one as you. However, if you see the AOE on the ground, get out. You should also have interrupts; use those to prevent them from casting AOE effects. The secret is not to attack everything at once. You had everything on the bridge except the boss on us with 10 seconds, which became a real pain because my healer was so busy healing you and himself that I never got healed the entire battle. Which was a real pain when you have a mob of over 10 attacking you, then on the boss…I would have stunned him and killed the other two before attacking him, then even if you die, you only have him to deal with the second try.

So by attacking too soon, I mean you need to look at what you are up against and decide how to approach it before attacking. Know if you are dealing with two Elites or two strongs and change your strategy to give you the best chance of finishing it. Stun the higher levels and kill the lower first and then work your way up. If you have to wait between mobs for the cool down of stuns and interrupts. Especially when you going up against a type of NPC that gives you trouble.

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