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Mim I am sorry i did not understand your stragey,

all i understood was that you wanted me to do the fighting...which is what i tried to do. I dont know what CC means. In the area i needed help, that final room with the Sith and the three other Imperials, i just needed to kill him, understand i had spent hours in that setting already killing everyone else several times over and i did not need to do anything with them to advance the quest but i was not able to kill that boss on my own no matter what abilities i used. I am stuck with the Guardian but to be honest, i am not able to kill many bosses no matter what I do until i am three or four levels above them and the elites are still trouble. I am stuck again to be honest, having to kill of Darth Angle, but his is at the same level I am at and there is no way i will survive long enough to even have a chance to kill him yet. So I will try to visit other worlds and level up with any quests i can do even if they are higher level worlds. I hate to keep asking for help, ....but my abilities are just not good enough to deal with bosses until i can get my own healer. I asked Biwoare about it thru support and they said it was part of the game design to force us to play in groups, that was why the bosses are so tough. I always welcome help...if you want can you explain what you intended to do in that room that you helped me in last night? What i recall was entering it, and almost as soon as i was near the boss, he vanished in to some form of cloaking, which he had not done i was not sure where he was.....

when you say you planned to CC one of the others, does that mean freeze them? i have a stun ablitiy but it only lasts nine seconds and has a long cool down period so it is not someting i use much. So as i say, i welcome advice, but i dont know what to do without having some way to learn it...there are no instructions with the game on technique or strategy for the various classes ....and so i have had to guess and just end up trying to use what does the most damage ....which does not work with most bosses.

lulz is another code word i do not know.

UPDATE: i read the previous page, and htanks for your reply on that ...i was not sure what you meant by WB... ah World Boss, ok now i understand, ys sorry for posting that in that thread......i think it was...and i also dont know what AOE effects means ...sorry.

i ddint try to get everyone going at once, and i dont have a freeze of any duration, just a very short one. I dont have an interrupt that is easy to use either, a kick and a skill that does stop action but you have to use another skill first it is cimplicated. So i usualy focus on the weakest people first, and try to kill them off and plan on being killed a couple of times and even having to go back to the med station before i can start to work on the boss. So i do try to stategize to that degree but to be honest the skills i have even with the list that Lynk gave me just dont make the Guardian very good in a close fight...... i dont mind worki8ng hard and fighiting hard and dealing with a long series of enemies but these super powerfuls bosses are really making this a hard proccess for me and i keep hoping i can get to some sort of level to be safter or to get my own healer companion .

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