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TOR ate my KotOR
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Don't worry about it...

I'm use to fighting everything in the game at once from playing with Lynk and Leyn'a is actually good at it. CC is crowd control. Something I believe you are going have to learn in order to enjoy the game. Don't worry about it; I had to learn the same thing while going through the game with my healer. I've always played games up until TOR with the attitude of killing everything in an area. In ME, KOTOR and TSL I would run into the middle of an area and kill everything. Well that strategy will not work real well in TOR. You are going to have to exam a area and figure out the best way to accomplish the quest requirements.

Donít take this the wrong way, I enjoyed fighting 10 npc at the same time last night. I like the hectic situation and knowing a mistake may spell doom. However, it was not teaching you the proper ways to get past that part on your own. Much like me being too depended on Lynkís Priss with my trooper. The strength of my Shadow is stealth and crowd control. I can stun an enemy while we kill the others and then perform a few devastating attacks on the stunned enemy. What I was going to do in the battle last night was stun the sith lord and allow you to kill the other two without him attacking you , then after you kill them you would have killed the Sith Lord with my healer healing you. However that was before I found out you have no crowd control. So Iím somewhat stumped at you best strategy as every class Iíve played has had some form of CC, even if it was the as little as my trooper.

Just understand in the future that when you play with my shadow or later with my sawbones, neither is wearing heavy armor. My shadow is actually in light armor, so please allow me to use my class strengths to at least somewhat control the damage I subject her to. So allow me to go in CC someone and then get the first blow. Also do not attack the enemy I CC, that will be the very last person we kill even if we break the CC. In that case I will CC them again with a lesser and shorter CC to give us time to kill the rest.

Nine seconds is better than no seconds, so use it on the strongest and attack the other as hard and fast as you can. Then when the 9 seconds is up order you companion to attack that one while you mop up the lesser ones.

I have no clue how you people play this game without stealth and CCs.

My first suggestion for crowd control without a real CC ability is donít run across the middle of a room and once you know the spotted you , stop and fight before trying to run past the next mob. You can do that stuff in the open world, but in an enclosed area all your going to do is up your repair bill. Your companion drew aggro from everything in the room within 5 seconds and then I got it from her when I attacked what was attacking her. Youíre lucky I like you because when I saw you across the room and saw all those red dots, I really thought about dropping out of combat and running for the hills. Please donít take this as an insult or moaning, Iím not, I had a lot of fun doing that, it is just unfair to you because Iím teaching you the wrong way to get through a quest solo.

AOE - Area of Effect - means it is a power that can effect more of a area that a single person.

Crowd Control - CC

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