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"How many more people are coming before we start this meeting? he asked. I do have better things to do then sit around you know."

The jedi turned to look as the final member of what was to be the strike force arrived. He smiled at her as she took a seat and waited.

"I apologize for the delay in starting the briefing. We needed to make sure that everyone was here before we started." The Republic General looked over the small group of individuals. "Last night, Grand Master Satele Shan contacted us and told us that someone in the temple had accessed their data banks and retrieved a massive amount of information that included the location of the Jedi Temple on Tython along with our most recent security codes and locations of our spies in Imperial space along with other important information."

The General moved over to the holoprojector and hit a button and the holographic image of a human wearing the robes of a Jedi Master appeared.

"This is Jedi Master Voleran. He was found to be missing from the Temple last night and his shuttle was missing from the hanger. The Temple was placed on lockdown after he was found to be missing."

The solder with the havoc squad insigna on his armor nodded as the Jedi looked over at him. "This is Vlalkor Hevron, a member of Havoc squad that has had experience with force sensative individuals."

Vlalkor waved at the group as the jedi continued. "Both the Jedi and the Republic are in agreement: Master Voleran has defected to the Sith Empire and he must be either captured or killed before he manages to deliver the data to the sith."

The General hit another button and a planet appeared in the holographic field. "This is Tatooine, we believe that Voleran sent a transmission to the planet but we're not exactly sure what he sent but it's the only lead we have."

The jedi looked over the group.

"Are there any questions?"
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