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TOR ate my KotOR
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@Lynk, Mav, Jeff, CrisG, Kus and everyone else I've grouped with in TOR, I would like to apologize. Over the past few days I have discovered I have been doing something a very fundamental thing wrong. This largely has to do with DPS and not healing, but I am sure it can only improve my healing abilities too. I’m astonish that I could be doing something so fundamentally wrong and still be able to not only complete the story line, but get so far along in the after 50 area. I not going to say what it is, let’s just say I live up to the title of the thread (pretty sure Lynk will figure it out the first time we play dailies together again).

I will say I would not have figure it out without doing operations and playing different classes (can’t believe I only figured it out after getting my 4th toon to level 37. Thank you all for being so patient with me and I really hope I have given you all a good laugh.

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