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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
I found something:
// 397: Get the base item type (BASE_ITEM_*) of oItem.
// * Returns BASE_ITEM_INVALID if oItem is an invalid item.
int GetBaseItemType(object oItem);
So just set it up to check if the base item type is BASE_ITEM_BLASTER_PISTOL (12). The full list is in NWScript. You might want to repeat it for ion pistols, sonic pistols, and the like.
Hey thanks JC. Though, not being the best scripter in the world, I don't really have an idea how to set it up. Here's my attempt:

int StartingConditional()
    if (GetItemInSlot(INVENTORY_SLOT_RIGHTWEAPON, GetFirstPC()) == GetBaseItemType(12));
        return TRUE;
    return FALSE;
The compiler is telling me that I have a type mismatch in paramter 1 when attempting to get the base item, as well as an if or else statement followed by a blank statement.

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