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"I hate to break your little dream world up but I see death all day long. Per'dra, every time you slice someone with your lightsaber, do you repeat that line?"

Kif roared in laughter. "Glad to see someone with the same thought process as mine.", he said, then looking back at Per'dra. "You really want to know my views on Jedi? Jedi lie, they manipulate. And every act of charity or kindness they do, you can drag it out squirming into the light and see it for what it is - nothing. At least the Sith are honest about what they're killing for. The Jedi are pacifists... except in times of war. They're teachers... except when it comes to telling their students the truth. But now's not the time to argue, despite how correct I am. We'll talk about this later, not at debriefing."

"I actually have to give Kif some props for that. All of the Jedi arrogance and hypocrisy is really starting to get annoying.", Varik said - smirking at Kif's demeanor.

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