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"Do any of us know exactly why Master Voleran defected?"

The General looked over at the Jedi Master and shrugged his shoulders. "The Jedi transmitted all of the information on Master Voleran that they possesed. He lost one of his students when the sith attacked the Temple and lost a squad of republic troops that were under his command during a skirmish with sith forces on Tatooine."

The General hit a few more buttons and a list of names appeared on a holographic screen. "Apparently Master Voleran has lost quite a few people who were close to him including his master. His Master was killed at the Jedi Temple when the sith attacked it and lost many of his friends during the war."

The Jedi Master sighed heavily. "We do have one theory as to why he may have defected. The loss of so many people who were close to him may have somehow twisted his mind so that he believes what he is doing is right. This is only a theory of course but it's the only one we have."

The General looked over the group and hit another control and the image of a ship appeared. "The Republic has issued you a ship so that you may track down Master Voleran. It's a modified Corellian Defender-class Light Corvette that has been modified with additional space so that more people can travel aboard it. If there are no more questions, then I suggest you get to the ship and travel to Tatooine as quickly as possible."
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