Thread: The Walking Carpets Let's Kill Something as a Guild.
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We will definitely do this again and pick a time that will be better for those that couldnít make it today. Picked this time because it was good for Mitiades, Lynk and I since we were the first three involved. May be make it next time in two phases; phase one for lower levels and the higher levels that want to go and phase 2: for those just after the speeder achievement.

Also thinking about doing a datacron run, where we get everyone all the datacrons, they missed or couldnít find up to their level planet. It may make it easier to go with Lynk (Lynk the person and not the toon) who has already gotten them all. I could also take brem to provide heals for the mobs running around. Let me know if this interests anyone. Also once we get enough to 50 we have to do the level 50 +10 datacron as guild. Lynk, Mav, Jeff and I have it, but we can take one of our alts.

I would like to thank everyone that showed up, it was exactly what I wanted and for those that didnít I hope you can come next time. So start leveling so you can join for them all.

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