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As Per'dra climbed aboard the spacecraft, she couldn't silence the echo of certain words running through her mind. Little dream world. Goes insane. Do you repeat that line? Little dream world. Goes insane. Do you repeat that line?... To distract herself, she dug her fingernails into her right arm and let the pain jolt her back to physical reality. The Jedi Master who had given the briefing could certainly have come to the defense of their Order. Why hadn't he? Per'dra thought that maybe he considered Corsail and Kif's slights beneath his notice. After all, the Jedi were supposed to be above responding to wisecracks and insults. Still, the Knight sighed and sat down in the main hold, not wanting to look too conspicuous. She wasn't in the mood for conversation, after what she'd heard. Rather, Per'dra wanted to meditate upon the reason the Master gave for Voleran defecting to the Sith Empire:

"The loss of so many people who were close to him may have somehow twisted his mind..."

After what I've been through in the past, she mused, I'm surprised that I haven't defected! What makes Master Voleran and me different?
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