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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
I hit compile, and I get an error at line 32 because of the "ApplyEffectToObject" in the beginning.
You're missing a semicolon on the previous line.

But the second one looks fine apart for two things:
With errors at line 13 for undeclared identifier for "Sp_RemoveSpellEffectsGeneral" and line 18 at undeclared identifier for "VFX_IMP_BATTLE_MED_III" and required argument missing in call to "EffectVisualEffect".
The K in "k_inc_force" shouldn't be capitalized. Everything is case sensitive. EVERYTHING. Because you didn't include it properly, it can't find stuff that's defined in it.
effect eTargetVisual;
Delete that, you aren't using it anywhere.

Nothing else jumps out at me... but often nothing jumps out at me when other stuff is jumping out at me... I usually have to fix one error at a time until it goes through.

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