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Nah, the "fire and forget" process is long gone for me. I do have some basic setups I can use, but I still have to split single notes to single instruments. As opposed to the way I did it early in this thread, I am now splitting different string lines to different instruments - violins, violas, celli and double bass, for example - and I don't think that can be automated. Furthermore I'm manually "drawing" the so called "mod wheel" graph (mimicking the function of the mod wheel on a MIDI keyboard), which basically defines the expressiveness of a single note (like starting loud, becoming softer in the middle, and slowly fading out at the end), which is sometimes different than just changing the volume of a note, since the instruments sound different depending on how loud the are played (and libraries like EWQLSO have these different sounds - depending on note volume - already programmed in, which is very cool). It's still not perfect, but the best I can do at the moment.

If there weren't any copyright problems (and with Star Wars there always are), I'd start a Kickstarter to fund an actual orchestral recording of this

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