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Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
Because I had tried to compile it with the semicolon, but it gave a syntax error with it.
Well, you need the semicolon. Every command has to end with a semicolon. However, you're also missing a close parenthesis.

Lower-cased the K, but still no dice. Even rearranged it so that the SignalEvent line was above everything after the effect stuff, and nothing.
Hmm. I'm afraid I can't be of much help, because I've never messed around with k_inc_force. Frankly I don't like including scripts, generally; too easy to mess things up. The amount of work including saves is countered by the amount of work it takes to get it to work. So the only thing I can suggest is you look at k_inc_force and make sure you've done everything right; if I had to guess, I'd say the first P in "Sp_RemoveSpellEffectsGeneral" has to be capitalized.

As for VFX_IMP_BATTLE_MED_III, I'm not entirely sure what's going wrong there, but you can easily resolve it by looking at visualeffects.2da and finding the actual line number of VFX_IMP_BATTLE_MED_III and input that in its place.
Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
Hey, just tested the conditional scripts for the weapons. They all work, thanks JC and HH.
Nice! Such a conditional sounds very useful indeed. I might make a universal one for K2 when I have my stuff sorted out. Thanks to K2's script parameters, it would be able to check if you have any of several different types, just by inputting the number of each type into the dialogue file.

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