Thread: The Walking Carpets Let's Kill Something as a Guild.
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Originally Posted by JasraLantill View Post
Thanks for organising this, Mim. I had a blast!
Most of the thanks should go to Lynk. I came up with the idea, but was waiting for input before setting a date/time, Lynk was the one that had me just pick a time. I also came up with the idea of putting alts at the location so we didn't waste a trip, but it was Lynk that organized who to put where and got Mitiades to put a toon at a Hoth WB in case we got there. Thank you Mitiades.
Also thanks to Lynk, Jeff and Mav for coming and more important helping me get Brem to 50 and beyond. Without Lynk and Mav especially, she either would not be a healer or level 50 still stuck in a class quest on Tatooine.

I’m so disorganized I forgot the punch and cookies. Maybe next time...

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