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((Does the ship have a name? For now, I'll just call it the Light Corvette.))

Aboard the Light Corvette, en route to Tatooine

"How long did it take for the temple to be locked down?"

Per'dra turned her head toward Zarev, gazing at him circumspectly. "Too long, in my opinion," she replied. "It was total chaos at the temple on Tython when we found out that Master Voleran turned on us! First, we had to calm ourselves down even though we're Jedi and supposed to rise above emotion in every possible circumstance. Second, we had to make sure that this was a defection, and an unauthorized breach of Temple security, instead of a Master going on a routine mission. Thirdly..." She trailed off for a moment. "Perhaps it's not my place to say this, but someone should have seen the signs of Voleran's treason earlier, if there were any signs. Rumor has it that he had a Padawan, for instance. If that's true, then why is that person not here with us? Did the other Masters think it would be too dangerous to send her along, or that she would exhibit preferential treatment toward her Master?" She sighed. "Even if Master Voleran had no Padawan, or a Knight, under his command, something's still very wrong. There's almost no way suspicious activities by anyone would go fully undetected at the Temple!"
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