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Thumbs up Great Job! Why Hasn't A Lucas Company Done It?

Bravo! It all sounds fantastic. The changes you made to the arrangement and mix of "Main Title and Introduction," which I really thoroughly enjoyed before, were superbly done. That track now (appropriately) stands above and beyond the rest. All the of the Coruscant parts, including "The Emperor's Theme," seem clearer and more robust now.

I'll never grow tired of hearing what I've always considered to be the main theme of TIE Fighter, which begins at 3:04--it's particularly exciting in the arrangement of this piece. I also really enjoy "Combat Chamber," which is based around this same leitmotif, but is arranged a little groovier.

Compliments on the album cover, too; it looks just right.

I really have to wonder why LucasArts has never released soundtracks for their Star Wars games that have original scores. I understand there's probably not much of a Western market for most Western videogame OSTs, as opposed to Japan, where game OSTs are expected, just like movie OSTs. But I'd think Star Wars game OSTs, especially if they were orchestrated, would be gobbled up by Star Wars fans worldwide--whether they'd played the games the soundtracks were from or not. I mean, it's Star Wars music for crying' out loud; there is definitely a market for that. At the very least, it seems like it would be a very easy cash-in for a company that is in no way, whatsoever, against very easy cash-ins.

Anyway, I'd totally support a Kickstarter to orchestrate some of these tracks. Say the money was raised solely to pay people for their time to arrange, conduct, play, and record the music. Then the music was given away online for free in digital form. I wonder then, what sort of reaction... sigh... no, I guess I know the answer but I don't want to admit it. D: Come on, Lucas Licensing, be a pal!

...weeeeird, all of a sudden, I feel tons of litigious eyes all over me.

Again, great work!

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