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Originally Posted by Mav View Post
Healing is boring as ****, I don't know how you do it.

Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Heal with more gusto, yah! *cracks whip*
@Mav try going through 99.999% of the game solo as a healer with a tank companion...

One of my favorite things about being a healer is the praise.... In Ops the only time I remember someone publicly praising me was during the puzzle phase (usual people use whisper to say thanks for some unknown reason). Every time I healed someone during the puzzle I would draw aggro from everyone and end up getting stun. Well I forgot my place and we wiped. Next time they told me to just worry about the puzzle and maybe throw out heal here and there if necessary. Well I finished the puzzle and hit Angelic with a huge heal with about 1% or 2% health. Seijin yelled great save, but it really wasn’t. It was just luck that I finished the puzzle fast enough, because I wasn’t going to screw it up for a second time. So about the only time I get praise is when I make a mistake. Healers also get yelled at when they do everything right. Someone stands in lava or AOE and then blames the healer for dying. Sorry if you are not the Tank, move because when a huge AOE is happening I’m moving and then I’m going to be throwing the big stuff at the tank, you can move just like me….

Don’t even get me started about the guy running through and standing in the lava. Yes, your armor is great on your main toon, maybe the best in the game, but that does not protect your under equipped alt from lava. Get your butt on the rocks with everyone else because I’m throwing out a AOE heal for the group and then hitting the tank with a big one before the boss starts pounding on him/her again. Then if you are still alive, I will hit you with a heal, if not then tough, I’m not using in combat revive on you just so you can do the same thing when we move to the next rock.

Sorry for the vent, but DPS could make things so much easier on healers just by not being stupid and taking unnecessary damage. Yes, your companion healer was better than me, but it may have something to do with them only healing you and not 7 more people at the same time. Oh, and we know, I may not be able to describe what the boss looks like, but I can tell you who ran through the lava or stood there in AOE, when someone takes a lot of damage fast we know. I stop what I’m doing and hit them with a heal as I quickly get that person in my sights while hitting the next heal trying to see if I can stun whatever is damaging the person. So we know…

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