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((Yikes, I forgot to name the ship! The ship's name is the Satele for now. If someone has a better name then feel free to let me know.))

Light Corvette Satele

"Perhaps it's not my place to say this, but someone should have seen the signs of Voleran's treason earlier, if there were any signs. Rumor has it that he had a Padawan, for instance. If that's true, then why is that person not here with us? Did the other Masters think it would be too dangerous to send her along, or that she would exhibit preferential treatment toward her Master?"

Zarev looked at her curiously. "Back when I was on Tython for my training I would often hear rumors that he refused to take another padawan. Is it possible that if he had a padawan he or she may have been killed or turned to the darkside? The galaxy isn't exactly a safe place for jedi these days."

Zarev sighed heavily as he thought back to his own master who had been killed recently. "I suppose I can relate to Master Voleran in one respect: He lost quite a few people that were close to him including his Jedi Master back on Coruscant, and I recently lost my Master."

Zarev's eyes took on a haunted look as he remembered the loss of his own Master. She had been a Echani Jedi who had been well trained in the art of combat but not even her training had been able to save her from overwhelming odds. A single tear appeared in his left eye as he remembered how he had arrived a moment too late, he had arrived just as she had been cut down by blaster fire from sith troops.

"Even if Master Voleran had no Padawan, or a Knight, under his command, something's still very wrong. There's almost no way suspicious activities by anyone would go fully undetected at the Temple!"

Zarev snapped back to reality after a moment. "I think that theres something more going on here. Is it possible that he had inside help from someone inside the temple?"
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