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"Very much so," Per'dra replied, "but I have no idea who could have assisted Voleran in his betrayal. Rest assured, it couldn't have been anyone with a lower rank than that of a Jedi Master. The information that he stole was highly classified, and even after my recent promotion, I couldn't have seen it, either." Hesitantly, she laid a hand on Zarev's arm. "It's horrifying, isn't it? Here we are, a Knight and a Master, still reeling from losing those who were dear to us. Now Voleran presents an even greater threat. I know that the first part of our Code says, There is no emotion; there is peace..., but even I know that's not always true. Whatever happens, I'll remain loyal, and won't let the Sith get either of us if it's within my power to prevent it."
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