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"Didn't know you jedi added a new part your your code, there is no silence, there is non stop stupid annoying pointless conversations. You talk as if you enjoy having a list that long, I bet you killed have of those people yourself."

Varik looked up at Corsail, glaring at him angrily, clenching his fists as he stood up - slightly taller than the smuggler.

"In case if you didn't know, I don't believe a single lying word of that pacifistic code.", he said.

He gripped Corsail by the neck with his right hand, and held him up by a few inches.

"Do you think I enjoy having all these people I've cared about dead? Do you think I endure days easily? Do you think I could sleep at night, with their deaths haunting me? How I was too late to save any of them? Maybe you should reflect about the loss of your little Jedi daddy, you worthless space trash.", he growled in a dark tone.

He released his grip, dropping the smuggler to the ground. He briskly walked away, pushing aside Zarev as he walked into a dormitory and locked the door.

Kif just sat there, in shock of what happened.

"Did Varik actually do that?", he wondered aloud.

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