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"Do you think I enjoy having all these people I've cared about dead? Do you think I endure days easily? Do you think I could sleep at night, with their deaths haunting me? How I was too late to save any of them? Maybe you should reflect about the loss of your little Jedi daddy, you worthless space trash.", he growled in a dark tone.

Corsail watched as Varik walked out. He almost pulled out his blasters and fired at him. Corsail just stood there for a moment, fuming with anger.

"Get back in here you jedi idiot! You think you can insult me and just walk away?" He was about to charge into the dormitory after Varik when something stopped him, as if something was pulling him back.

Corsail turned and looked at Kif, "I hope you're not too attached to your jedi friend, because if he gets near me again I'm going to kill him." He turned and walked towards the cargo hold.

Lets rock and role play!
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