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"You may not be ready to take on a Padawan right now, but in time...You have serious potential, and shouldn't deny it so quickly."

Zarev smiled sadly and shook his head. "What I'm about to tell you can't go beyond the two of us: My master and I were sent to answer a distress call from one of the mining colonies out on the outer rim. When we arrived we found that a small sith force had managed to kill off all of the republic defenders and were holding the mining crew hostage. My master and I split up against my better judgement. I was sent to take care of the sith in the mines while she took care of the sith forces in the garrison."

Zarev clenched his fist. "I managed to get rid of the sith in the mines but I could sense that something was wrong with Master Beval. I ran back to the garrison just in time to see her cut down by blaster fire."

His eyes took on a haunted look as he remembered what had happened next. "I...saw her die. The woman who had taken me as a padawan when I was a child, taught me the ways of the jedi and for all intents and purposes raised me as her own. I lost control."

"I...remember the sith troops turning towards me and raising their rifles, and than all I remember is my vision going red, the sound of my lightsaber humming, the screams of the troops and their voices begging me for mercy, begging me not to kill them. I woke up surrounded by bodies and destroyed machinery"

He turned to Per'dra and shook his head. "That is why I can't take a padawan. If that ever happens again...I wouldn't be able to forgive myself...Besides, I have already disgraced Master Beval's memory."
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