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It is such a deep story, so good, so .... INCREDIBLE.....

so many games, and possibilities....and so poor and bad stories.

They could make the greatest quest RPG ever made in this genre...noir, after death ...

Too bad man.... I played it more then 25 times. In 1998 I had a demo of it, and then I bought it. Extraordinary. One of the best products from Lucas Arts by far. No comment.

There has to be a Grim fandango 2 !

I know so many people that liked it. The story is so good, it should break the sales internationally with a sequel. Maybe Manny will have a lot more to do. Maybe the train derails and the get stuck before heaven. A lot of great ideas. Maybe hector is not dead or Domino, or something. More corruption. Anything would work.

It's really not that complicated. Well, we'll see.

If anyone wants to talk to me regarding this game or is a fan, etc. my email.
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