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I was going to chime in but others have already pointed to what I was going to say.

IIRC (have not played in awhile) Atris revealed in a dismissive "Oh yeah that" sort of way after you either meet her for the first time or after you kicked her ass, or just before. Something on the order of "How did they know that I was a Jedi" "Oh yeah, I leaked it lolz. I needed to draw out the sith." I wish she looked as good in the game as she did in illustrations. Sure there are mods to improve it but it still looks kind

Now as to why Meetra would have been on her way back into the galaxy in the first place...that isn't explicitly covered in the Revan novel nor TSL, so it's left to your best guess.

Personally I'd say she was wandering about as an exile does, but had to make rounds out of rural space and back into civilization ...sort of like how one living out in a rural area has to go into town or a nearby city on occasion for various reasons. The information on her had to have been leaked for some time prior. It would certainly explain why she suddenly met adversaries and battle the moment she came back into republic space.

Take that for what you will, it's just my opinion of inference basd on circumstances and what actually happened.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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