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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
I think we should swap companions, Mim!
Funny thing, other than the Wookiee, none of them had much affection for Brem until after she hit 50. Didn't start crew skills until late into the game and could not afford to do many of them or buy companion gifts until I got the steady income from Brem doing dailies.

On the other hand... my shadow already has most of her crew maxed out and she still has one more crew member to get. Of course she has the added benefit of being able to borrow credits from Brem and Brem has also been mailing Leyn'a purple level 5 companion gifts from crew skills.

Never really thought of how much companion affection affected the solo game, but it really seems to make a vast improvement, at least in crafting. Still doesn't seem to help in fighting. Yesterday I helped a smuggler get past a class quest. As usual my healer decided to heal the gunslinger instead of me. Got past it fairly easily, but it would be nice if my companion would heal me at least once in awhile when playing in groups.

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