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Zarev was about to ask Per'dra if she had any ideas of what had happened to Master Voleran when he suddenly heard screaming coming from the dormitory that Varik had locked himself in followed by rapid footsteps. Zarev got to his feet and was about to head for the dormitory when he briefly felt a dark presence that vanished as soon as he sensed it.

He turned to Per'dra and motioned for her to follow him when he was nearly ran over by Vlalkor who had also heard the screaming. The trooper had his rifle ready for combat.

"Whats going on?!" Vlalkor asked as he searched for an enemy that wasn't there.

Zarev shook his head as he turned and headed for the dormitory. "Don't know. But I heard screaming and than I might have sensed some sort of dark presence but it vanished too quickly for me to know."

He turned to Per'dra. "Did you happen to sense anything? Anything at all?"
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