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1) Sprite Aruba Jam Remix (no longer in production)
Was like a lovely grape berry citrus sprite, really tasty and I enjoyed it to the bitter end.

2) Vanilla Coke/Coke Vanilla
The classic, used to drink outrageous quantities of this stuff until it was discontinued. Still drink it on occasion now that its back.

3) Mountain Dew Livewire
LOVE this stuff, definitely my favorite mountain dew.

4) Mountain Dew Voltage
Was my favorite mountain dew for a while, loved repping it while it was contending for an official slot. The other two (light purple and light blue) didn't stand a chance IMO

5) Coca-Cola Classic
Just because, still my favorite classic over pepsi and original mountain dew.

6) Cherry Coke
Conveniently popular and equally delicious.

7) Mountain Dew Whiteout
New enough where I try to avoid it but still delicious and refreshing.

I used to tank on soda when I could, these days I try to avoid mass consumption preferring coffee and tea, especially chamomile.

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